Henry Hong
Industrial Designer
Under Armour Clutch Fit Henry Hong Version.jpg

Who is Henry?

I am an industrial design student

at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).  I am striving to achieve my dream of becoming the world's best designer. I am building my foundation skills to develop my own strengths. These will eventually play out as my ability to expand the perspective of design. It is my deepest passion to create simple, yet detailed, and effective design for products. Creating a product that is familiar, but also unique is my goal. 

New york

Year 2014, I worked in multiple companies to expand my skills and knowledge. Donghia and Rux Design were the companies I worked for. Great experiences with great people!


My current home, and where I was living before SCAD. From here, I got to appreciate the coexistence of nature and urban surroundings.  Accessibility to all kinds of environments is the what I love about the city.


Seoul is where I was born and raised until the end of my elementary school years. Most of my childhood memories belong to this city. Seoul is big part of me as a person and as a designer.